Fresh Water Turtles

We are very Passionate about your new pet Turtle, So we sell Complete kits making sure you have the basic needs that will help's your new shelled friend thrive. All kits include Uv, Basking, 1 x dome and reflector, Dock, Heater, Filter.
We recommend Cycling your tank for a minimum of 2 weeks before adding your pet turtle to ensure good quality water for your turtle. Looking for a larger setup? Yes, we can order in larger tanks for your turtle just come in and ask.
Reptile One Turtle Eco Turtle Tanks are the perfect home for your aquatic pet turtles. Featuring a durable and secure wire mesh lid that allows the efficient use of UV and heat producing accessories while providing ample ventilation.The Turtle Eco Turtle Tank comes equipped with a back filter system, wire mesh lid, glass heater and a fixed floating landing dock.