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    Going Troppo Fish & Pets Ballarat!

    We provide general pet care advice and food supplies under one roof for both pets and reptiles.

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    Going Troppo Fish & Pets

    Welcome to Our Store

    We have a wide range of tropical fishes and pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and baby rats and a range of pet products. Visit us today. 
    6 yers

    6 Years 

    In the business of animal care supplies.

    Local Rescuers

    Local Rescuers 

    We do and support local rescuers.  

    Care Sheet

    Here we have a care sheet for all the pets and reptiles we deal in
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    What Our Customers Say About us

    EXCELLENT rating
    Based on 107 reviews
    Excellent service & advice. Healthy, & good quality fish.👍
    Steven B.
    Steven B.
    Step 375, stage 89.361 complete. They are so helpful here, and having afterpay makes setting up your aquarium or pet enclosure affordable. Staff are so knowledgeable and encouraging.
    Elanor Mahon
    Elanor Mahon
    Wonderful to see the association with local rescue organisations. Great staff and great service.
    Elanor Mahon
    Elanor Mahon
    A great store that has a huge range of fish and pets. Friendly staff.
    Leigh Keller
    Leigh Keller
    Great service and very affordable prices by far
    Georgie Boy
    Georgie Boy
    Poor service and no knowledge on what they are selling couldn't answer basic questions on products they stock. Staff was extremely rude, to the extent of the younger staff pushing past a disabled person on crutches almost making him fall
    El Diablo
    El Diablo

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    We ship ordered items throughout Australia.

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    Responsive Customer Service

    Assisting our customers promptly.

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